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Clear Beaded - 12"
Gold Beaded - 12"
Rose Beaded - 12"
Gold & Cream Beaded - 12"
Black Beaded - 13"
Pink and Gold - 13"
White and Gold - 13"
Black and Gold - 13"

Sage and Gold - 13"
Rose Gold Acrylic - 13"
Black Acrylic - 13"
Antique White & Gold - 14"
Rose Gold Leaf - 13"
Black Leaf - 13"
Rose Gold Wood - 13"

All charges are $2 each


Gold Flatware
Dinner Knife
Dinner Fork
Dinner Spoon
Dessert Fork
Dessert Spoon
Quantity Available: 144 each 
Price: 0.95 cent each 

Heavy Weight Flatware
Stainless Steel 
Dinner Fork
Dessert Fork
Dinner Knife 
Dessert Spoon 
Quantity Available: 144 each 
Price: 0.55 cent each 


Coming soon!


Standard Wine Glass
Price: 0.63 per Glass
Minimum 12/order
Quantity Available: 150 

Blush Wine Glasses
Price: 0.75/per glass
Minimum 12/order
Quantity Available: 144

Pressed Glass Water Goblet
Price: 0.95
Minimum 12/order
Quantity Available: 144

Amber Water Jugs
Quantity 10
$4 each

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